Cleaning plays a very important role in all sectors of work. Ranging from small office space to huge shopping complex cleaning has been given a priority. But is it practical just to clean the indoor space neglecting the public spaces or just by keeping cleaning, restricted to be a manual work. The answer to this is a big ‘no’.
A dust-free environment is the motto of the current world, for that we need to seek the help of machines which is termed to be man’s work – partner. Cleaning in a very large area like shopping malls, public space can be done very easily with Ride On sweeper and scrubber dryer.
What is a Ride on Sweeper or Scrubber?
How amazing it would be if you could find a brush attached to a vehicle that can be used for cleaning purposes, right? And that’s exactly what a ride on sweeper does. The sweeper attached to it can fit a 32 inch door and can clean up-to 55,000 square feet per hour.
These sweepers will eradicate the dust particles from the floor making it neat and tidy. The same process is done by the ride on scrubbers but the only difference is that a scrubber will be attached to the ride on vehicle, mainly focusing on to remove deep gunk from the floor.

Benefits of Ride on Sweeper / Scrubber:
Ride on Sweepers and Scrubbers have lot of benefits. Few of them are listed below:
• They are ideal for large areas.
• They contain large filter surface distributed on 8 cartridge filters fitted with electric filter shaker.
• The main brush is used for pressure regulation and has suction switch off.
• It has adjustable seat and front vacuum system.
• The front brush and side brush of the ride on sweeper can be changed very easily without the use of any tools.
• Both the sweeper and the scrubber dryer has long life elastic belts which will make the worker to use it with ease.
• It is an anti-static device with suction selection frame and shock proof steel frame
• It also consist of an electric starter with service and parking break.
• It contains front lighting system convenient to use in the night as well.
• The scrubber is suitable to work in congested areas like small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants.
• Both the scrubber and the sweeper contains user friendly analogical control panel.

Compact and powerful machines can make the cleaning job more effective. And that’s where Eurotek Cleaning Equipments plays an important role. Serving UAE for the past one decade, Eurotek Cleaning Equipments has been positioned among the top in the cleaning industry with an aim to provide the highest quality cleaning products, machines and equipments. The range of products shown in the video are the IPC Ride on scrubber dryer, IPC Ride on Sweeper and Lavor pro Ride on Sweeper.
To know more about cleaning machines, cleaning equipments or the other services that we provide please do visit our website: http://www.eurotek-me.com/

Majority of people are unfamiliar with the term pressure cleaner. Pressure cleaners are machines that work with the help of high-pressure water spray. High-pressure cleaners are commonly used to remove stains, grime and so forth from the surface. This article will help you to understand some specialized use of high-pressure cleaners.

  1. BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill cleaning is always a tough task that requires a lot of effort and patience. Most of us opt to clean the grill with hands and scrubbers, but it is a time-consuming process. Here comes the role of a high-pressure cleaner. With an efficient high-pressure cleaner, you can effectively clean the grills in short span of time.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

Due to terrible weather conditions and bird droppings, our outdoor furniture’s easily become rough and grimy. These problems can be easily solved with a high-pressure cleaner. With high-pressure cleaner, you can easily clean your outdoor furniture.

  1. Vehicles

Most of us depend on vehicle washing professionals to clean our vehicle. This expense can be avoided with a high-pressure cleaner.  High-pressure cleaner easily removes the dust particles attached to your vehicle and make your vehicle sparkle.

  1. Fencing

Many of us have fences around our premises. These fences get easily affected by changing weather conditions like rain, fog and so forth. Over time it becomes discolored and grimy. These reduce the attractiveness of fences. With high-pressure cleaners, you easily remove built-in dirt in fences.

  1. Driveways and garages

Driveway cleaning is quite difficult with normal brooms and mops. Driveways and garages are easily get accumulated by thick layers of grime in a short span of time. In that case, high-pressure cleaners are the best option you can choose for cleaning. High-pressure cleaner will save your time and effort.

  1. Cleaning brickwork

Nowadays brickworks are very common in most of the buildings. These works will get easily dusty or stained due to work done near the premises. In order to protect your brickwork, you need to clean it using specialized cleaning machines. A higher pressure cleaner can effectively remove the tiny particles attached in brickwork.

  1. Wooden Deck

You have to clean your wooden deck once in a year for enhancing the life of the deck. Otherwise, it gets easily damaged by dust and other particles. High-pressure cleaner is the best option you can choose for this purpose.

Now you are familiar with some specialized use of high-pressure cleaner.

Eurotek has a wide range of high-pressure cleaners that aimed to clean stains; grimes etc at Malls, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools etc.


Floor cleaning is a troublesome errand that requires a great deal of manual exertion and time. We can reduce this trouble with the assistance of appropriate floor cleaning machines. A floor cleaner machine will make your space squeaky clean in less time. In our previous article, we had listed out some top- rated floor cleaning machines available in the market. But many people often get confused with these machines. This article will help you to choose the right cleaning machine that meets your requirements.

  1. Material of surface

You can find floors made up of different materials like woods, stone, ceramic, tiles, cement etc. Each floor needs specialized cleaning machines that are compatible with the nature of the floor. General purpose cleaning machines can easily damage your floor. Multipurpose cleaning machines are ideal for places like schools, offices and so forth.

  1. Size of surface

Another factor you had to consider is the size of the cleaning area. You can find a large number of cleaning machines that are dedicated to both domestic and commercial cleaning. From that, you have to select the perfect machine that meets your requirements. Simple machines like vacuum cleaners are suitable for domestic cleaning while you can use more complex machines like a ride on sweepers, drier scrubber and so forth commercial purposes. The cleaning width of floor sweeper or scrubber drier gives an indication of how much area your machine can cover.

  1. Power source

Cleaning machines can be classified based on the power source they use. There are cleaning machines that work on electricity, diesel, petrol and so forth. Cleaning machines that use electricity require plug and power cables. Power cables will restrict the movement of the machine. So in larger areas, it is always advisable to use cleaners that work on diesel, petrol and so forth.

  1. Type of dirt and debris

Another factor you had to consider is the type of dirt and debris. This plays an important role. If the debris and dirt are of lightweight then you can choose simple cleaning machines like floor sweepers and vacuum cleaners, if the dirt is hard and oily you have to choose machines like high-pressure cleaners, scrubber driers and so forth.

  1. Complexity of machine

Nowadays most of the machines available in the market are ease of use. Companies often include a manuscript containing technical details of products in the packaging. So anyone can easily understand the working of the machine and operate it, but sophisticated machines require special training. In that case, you can seek the help of the company.

  1. Environment

Majority of the machines are designed to work in specialized environments.  Each environment requires different machines that meet with their criteria. You can find a wide range of cleaning machines that are dedicated to serving in warehouses, offices, home etc. from that you have to select machines that are compatible with your environment.

  1. Safety

Another important factor you have to consider is the safety of the machine. You have to select machines that are safer and easier to use. You can choose machines that produce low noise in areas like malls offices etc. This will helps you to clean the premises without disturbing others.

These are some of the basic factors you had to consider before buying cleaning machines.

For higher quality cleaning machines visit us on www.eurotek-me.com

Cleaning of commercial spaces like malls, restaurants and so forth is constantly troublesome. It requires a great deal of time and exertion. A specialized cleaning machine can reduce your efforts make cleaning more easily. If you are someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about professional cleaning machines then this article will help you to choose the right cleaning machine that meets your necessity.

Different types of Floor Cleaners available in the market

1.Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers can be used as an alternative for traditional cleaning gears like brooms and dustbins. They are used to clean dust and debris in floors. Floor sweepers have rotating brushes to effectively sweep the dirt from the floor and deposit it into a hopper inside the sweeper.

Floor sweepers are of different types. They are Petrol operated walk behind sweeper,Battery operated walk behind sweeper, Manual walk behind sweeper,Ride on sweeper

Ride on sweepers is the most commonly used sweepers among them. Ride on sweepers is designed to cover large areas in factories, warehouses, malls and so forth. So they have specially designed hopper to collect a large quantity of debris. Ride on sweepers can be again classified to Battery operated ride on sweepers, petrol operated ride on sweepers,

2.Scrubber Driers

Scrubber Driers are commonly used as an alternative for cleaning gears like mops and brushes. They are used to clean floors. Scrubber Driers used for commercial applications use brushes to agitate cleaning solution into the floor and scrubbing it. Residues are collected by a system of squeegees at the rear of the machine. These residues are temporarily stored inside the hoppers or containers attached to scrubbers. As a result, the floor becomes squeaky clean and dry. You can see different types of scrubbers in the market. Some of them are designed to sweep and scrub the floor at the same time. Most commonly used scrubber driers are Elite silent – Santoemma, EASY R 66BT – LAVOR PRO, Free EVO 50 B – LAVOR Pro, Comfort XS 75 Essential – LAVOR Pro, QUICK 36B – LAVOR PRO, Comfort XXS 66 – LAVOR Pro

3.Floor buffers and polishers

Another type of floor cleaners is Floor buffers and polishers. Floor buffers are commonly used in specialized floors made up of wood, marble and so forth. They are used to remove dirt and debris from the surface and to give a polish to the surface. So they are commonly used in areas like hospitals, shops, schools to sparkle the floor.

4.Vaccum cleaners

Vaccum cleaners are the most common floor cleaning machines. They are commonly used for carpet cleaning. A vacuum cleaner has an air pump and a container. High suction pumps are used to pick dirt and debris from floors. These collected waste particles are temporarily stored inside their container. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners the most commonly used vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are dedicated to removing both solid and liquid waste from the surface. Apart from Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners you can find vaccum cleaners like ARES – Wet/ Dry vacuum Cleaner, HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner , DMX 80 1-22 – LAVORPRO, KRONOS – Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner, Whisper – LAVORpro etc

This article will continue in the next part in the meantime for enquires and doubts don’t hesitate to contact us on www.eurotek.com

Mops are the most commonly used cleaning material in every building. You can see different types of mops in the market. This wide range of mops has diverse applications from cleaning floor to window. So you need to choose the correct mops that meet your necessity. This is a difficult task for commoners. In order to help them, we have listed out various kinds of mops and their uses in this article.

Cut end mops

Cut end mops are the least expensive mops available in the market. They are commonly made up of cotton with a fixed mop end. This property has a negative impact on the life span of cut-end mops. Fixed mop end restricts machine cleaning and makes cleaning difficult. Improper cleaning will eventually lead to damage in mops. Due to this, you have to replace it frequently.

If you are looking for a cleaning mop at the cheap price for a short span of time, then this will be ideal for you. Kentucky mop 400 gm cotton mop (Aqua) is one of the best selling cut end mop available in the market.

Kentucky mop 400 gm cotton mop (Aqua)

Looped-end mops

Looped-end mops have more advantages over cut end mops. Looped-end mops are more absorbent than cut end mops. Therefore these mops are perfect for cleaning spills. You can easily detach mop from mop end. This makes machine washing possible in looped end mops. Proper cleaning of mops will effectively increase the life span of mops.

Due to high durability and absorbent capability, these mops are commonly used in hospitals, restaurants, offices etc. Kentucky mop 400 gm cotton mop (Aqua)   and Floor Master Wet Mop are some best-looped end mops available in the market.

Floor Master Wet Mop

Microfiber mops

Microfiber mops have high durability and life span. They have more benefits over normal cut end and looped end mops. Both cut end and looped end mops become easily mouldy after been used for a long time, but microfibers mops are long-lasting. The other advantage of microfiber mops is you can clean it regularly. Standard washing doesn’t make any harm to this sort of mops. Microfiber mops are commonly used for general cleaning. Due to thin nature microfiber mops can be used to clean special floors like stone floors, wood floors and so forth.

Microfiber Round Mop and Kentucky Microfiber Mop are some commonly used Microfiber Mops.


Microfiber Round Mop

Kentucky Microfiber Mop

Flat Mops

Flat mops have a flat end with disposable or replace pads attach to it. The main advantage of flat mops is they use a small amount of liquid in cleaning. You can effectively clean floors with a minimum quantity of cleaning agents. This helps you to clean the surface without making it wetter. Another advantage of flat mops is their mop ends are not fixed. So you can easily clean it using washing machines. Flat mops have a high life span when compare with normal mops. Microfiber Flat Velcro Mop is one among the best flat mop available in the market.

Microfiber Flat Velcro Mop

Steam Mops

Steam mops are commonly used to remove the stain and other gunk’s attached to the floor. These types of mops have a refillable tank which contains water. This tank heats up water and converts it into to steam. This steam is used to remove built-up dirt and grime from your floors. If you want to clean the dirty floor stuck with stains and grime then steam mops are suitable for you.

This article will continue in the next part in the meantime for enquiries or assistance don’t hesitate to visit us on www.eurotek-me.com



Cleaning carpets and upholstery is a major hassle faced by most facility management professionals. The reason is perhaps the daily wear and tear and as UAE is a very dry country, chances of dry dust gathering in upholstery and carpets are quite common. Working in such conditions leads to breathing difficulties and can even result in asthma, bronchitis etc. However, we, at Eurotek have identified the huge gap in the cleaning industry for the right cleaning machines for upholstery, and, in this article, we present to you some very user-friendly cleaning machines that can help you with upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Sharon Brush – SANTOEMMA


Sharon-brush contains a rotating brush, with automatic pressure adjustment. This element permits a profound clean for both exceptionally messy cover and hard floor. A special feature attached with Sharon helps you to change from carpet to hard floor cleaning by essentially turning a handle. Sharon-Brush can be associated with NS10PN for easy cleaning of armchairs and difficult-to-achieve spots. Sharon-brush has a comparatively small size, which makes it suitable for cleaning small rooms.



GV ETNA – LAVOR Pro is a steam cleaner machine that is intended for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Presence of indicator light to demonstrate the low water level makes this machine superior in class. GV ETNA Lavor Pro additionally contains a drain hose system and steam regulation for appropriate upkeep of the framework. An indicator is appended with the main switch and heater switch of GV ETNA.  Its tempered steel body makes it appealing to clients.



Apollo – LAVOR Pro

Apollo – LAVOR Pro is propelled form of ordinary Lavor Pro. It has 2 silenced two-stage motor and suction with by-pass framework cooling. Nearness of Professional closing hooks makes it increasingly reasonable.  Alternate favorable features of Apollo are tilting tank, 11 l. cleanser tank and Shock confirmation trolley. Simple standing head and its traceless wheels make it increasingly alluring.



Charis – SANTOEMMA is a specially designed carpet cleaner that helps to remove the dirt from the base of carpet fibers. Its water low can be easily adjusted for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a deep cleaning. Its high water lift vacuum system allows excellent removal of the dirt and very short drying time. automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying, and rinsing can be done with the help of smart kit system.. Charis can be effectively worked without aggravating others. This makes SANTOEMMA perfect for workplaces, workshops and so forth


In almost all offices and places of business, carpets and upholstery are the most common parts of the furniture you will see. Cleaning this is a major hassle if it faces a lot of footfalls and there are chances for dust and other tiny particles get accumulated in this area. This makes cleaning more difficult. Lack of proper cleaning can cause allergic reactions to peoples. In order to avoid this condition, extra care should be given. Here we are going to describe some super cool machines that can assist you in cleaning.

 1. HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner -Technica

HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner is an Italian made high-end carpet cleaner. They are very much suitable for deep cleaning along skirting boards The nozzle and flexible hose of HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner help you to clean high and difficult areas. Its ability to the handgrip completely resting on the floor makes deep clean easier. The other attractive feature of HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner is its traction motor is electronically protected against overload. The led system helps you to ensure that the settings are correct.


 2. Elite silent – SANTOEMMA

Elite-Silent is an independent extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual footing. It washes, brushes and dries a stripe of 50 cm of carpet, pushing ahead, tidying up to 500 sq. meters in a single hour. Its 3 arrange high-water lift vacuum framework permits to recoup the most extreme amount of soil from carpet and to get the briefest drying time. Elite-Silent is an extremely quiet machine since it works with 60 Decibels as it were. Another advantage of this machine is the ability to adjust the brush and vacuum head pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water flow can be regulated, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning. These machines are quite suitable to all places with large or middle-sized surfaces of carpet

3. Battery operated Carpet sweeper – LAVORPro

The new cordless power sweeper by LAVOR offers you a similar status and handiness of a floor brush, yet you won’t twist down or battle to get the dirt any longer. Its powerful Lithium-Ion battery with 10.8 V and 1.5 Ah allows an operation time of approx. 45 minutes per battery. Its second battery can be directly stored and carried on the machine itself. Therefore these two batteries together give a working of 90 minutes which is quite long when compared with other machines. Broom used in this system is ergonomic which allow you to use this machine as a perfect vacuum cleaner. Since it produces low voice they are very much suitable for office uses.

To know more about our products contact [email protected]Eurotek


Cleaning equipment can reduce your hardship in cleaning. But you should give extra care while selecting the cleaning equipment. The below checklist contains some tips that will help you to select proper cleaning equipment that meets your requirements.

At first, you have to list out your cleaning needs like space available, type of cleaning required, time suitable for cleaning, number of cleaning staff you can afford etc. After making a list you can contact an available cleaning equipment manufacturer. The things you have to consider while approaching a manufacturer is listed out below.


You should approach a manufacturer having following certifications. Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVlS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, ClMS Green Building.


Ask the company about their experience in the cleaning field. You can even check the credibility of the company by contacting their other clients.


Check about their products and usage. It will help you to decide whether this company meets your requirements. Don’t forget to read about the review of their products. This will help you to analyze the quality of the product.

Technical Support

This is important. You have to ensure that the company can give technical support at any time. Along with that check availability of programs to train your staff regarding usage of new equipment’s.


You have to choose products that have at least 1-year warranty. This will helps you to buy products with a long life

Are you still confused with selecting a product from manufacture? Well in the below list we had listed some important things to consider while selecting an equipment.

Productivity                                                                                                                              Suitability

Work performance                                                                                                                   Versatility

Ease of handling.                                                                                                                     Portability

Appearance                                                                                                                             Noise level

After Sales Service                                                                                                                  Protective design

Refill Procedure                                                                                                                       Ease of storage

Regular Maintenance and care Safety                                                                                    Cost

Availability of spare parts                                                                                                        Training

For more details talk to our expert today at www.eurotek-me.com


Keeping furniture clean not only makes the piece more attractive, but lengthens its life span immensely. Here are some tips to clean upholstery.


Upholstery should be vacuumed frequently to keep the fabric in good shape and prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the body of the furniture. In the case of an old stain, it’s surprising how much a simple vacuuming can help to fade the stain.

Check for Cleaning Instructions

Check your furniture for its cleaning codes. This gets you on the right track of how to best tackle your stain. Some pieces can be cleaned with water; others will require moving directly into various solvents.

Try Some Steam

If your furniture can be cleaned with water, hitting the stain with a bit of steam loosens it up and makes the stain more responsive to treatment.

Dampen stains with a sponge 

Use a sponge to rub your mixture into the furniture, and pat the upholstery dry with a cloth as you work. Allow the detergent to sit and penetrate for several minutes on any stains or tough spots.

Blot future spills quickly

The best way to avoid extensive cleaning sessions in the future is to act quickly when spills occur, treating them before they stain too severely. Always blot liquids, as opposed to scrubbing or rubbing.

Tips for Upholstery Cleaning

1. Use cool water when cleaning non-greasy stains and use warm water when cleaning greasy stains.

2. Do not use too much water when cleaning your furniture because it may cause water stains or mildew under certain conditions. This can make things worse so avoid using excessive water.

3. To speed up the drying process, use a fan. This is a simple trick that can help dry your furniture at the quickest time possible. You can also let your furniture dry outside the house but be sure to put your attention to it.

4. To protect your furniture, you can use slipcover whenever you are away for a week.

For more details talk to our expert today at www.eurotek-me.com


Keeping your kitchen tidy and clean can be a constant challenge! A clean kitchen reduces the number of pathogens and other illness causing agents to infect the food. Keep your homes and catering establishment looks clean with our range of cleaning products. Let’s have a quick look;

1. Dual speed single disc machine FLOORIDER – TS17

FLOORIDER – TS17 is a Model with working width of 430 mm and double speed, equipped with pad holder, suited for many cleaning tasks from cleaning of very dirty floors up to the maintenance cleaning of floors treated with metallic waxes. A single machine and a simple switch replace 2 separate units, with evident advantages in terms of practicality and economic convenience.


1.Very strong induction motor for long lifetime and great performances.
2.Double protection against unintentional start.
3.Satellite and planetary gearbox for high power transmission, long lifetime and low noise
4.Coupling for both pad holder and brush.
5.Handle of last generation, result of a perfect synthesis among great sturdiness,
ergonomics, safety and innovative design.

2. Nat GLASS – Rinse free multi surface cleaner

Nat GLASS – Rinse free multi surface cleaner is an important factor for your kitchen. It removes all streaks and marks and degreases effectively.

3. Mississippi 1310 XP – LavorPRO

The Lavor Pro Mississippi 1310 XP heavy-duty hot water pressure washer is fitted with a single-phase motor. “LAVOR PRO" series products are professional pressure washers for very demanding users, suitable for intensive, continuous applications. It is perfect for a wide variety of tasks.
In order to achieve a longer pressure washer lifespan and lower consumption, the machine stops automatically when releasing the spray gun. The controls are simple and user-friendly and they  allow for fast machine operation. It have heavy-duty ergonomic handle.

A clean kitchen is inviting. Having a well-kept kitchen also reduces the number of accidents. For more details about our products, talk to our professionals at www.eurotek-me.com

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