Cleanliness is essential for a healthy life. Awareness of the Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene isimportant because of the diseases like Denguefever, swineflu,malaria; chicken box and jaundice are fast spreading. People should realize the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene to prevent themselves from these diseases.

The three levels of cleanliness are:

  1. The Self

This is the first and the most basic level to the idea of cleanliness. Hand washing is an easy, inexpensive, and an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep employees healthy. Cleaning your bathroom and floor is the best way for healthy life.Use Eurotek’s “NatGlass- Rinse free multipurposecleaner” for clean your surfaces and bathrooms. It helps to remove all streaks and marks and degreases effectively.

  1. The Environment

Our surrounding and our environment play a major role in our health. If we manage tokeep our environment and our surrounding clean, it becomes easier to manage our health on a larger scale. UseEurotek’s hq3030s – metal hand drier instead of hand papers is one of the best way to keep the environment clean. 

  1. Benefitting Others

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”It is a shared concept. Even if you are not trying, you tend to share your piece of cleanliness with someone else. For example, when you throw your trash in the bin, it saves you and many other from multitude of undesirable diseases.Use Eurotek’s metal dust bin for effective waste disposal.

For more details, talk to our professionals at www.eurotek-me.com.

Prolonging the life of our carpet is as simple as following some important suggestions. Here we have some tools to keep our carpet healthy and looking great for many years.

Elite silent SANTOEMMA
Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes,brushes and dries a stripe of 50 cm of carpet, moving forward, cleaning up to 500 sq. meters in one hour Elite-Silent is a very silent machine, since it works with 60 Decibels only. It is possible to adjust the brush and vacuum head pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water-flow can be regulated, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning.

GV ETNA-LAVOR Pro is a steam cleaner for carpets. It have stainless steel body AISI 304, Ready steam warning lamp.
The features are;

  1. Low level water lamp indicator
  2. Boiler is refilled continuously
  3. Switch for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam
  4. Device for cleaning hot water mixed with steam
  5. Drain hose system, Steam regulation
  6. Wheels suitable for use in food processing area
  7. Blower system available
  8. ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp
  9. ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp

HD 18 Up Right Vaccum cleaner
HD 18 up Right Vaccum Cleaner is highly reliable and sturdy, italian-made, high-end carpet cleaner.It is available in two sizes for cleaning large or smaller areas.The low profile and the possibility to operate it even with the handgrip completely resting on the floor allows the HD range to clean easily under low furniture, beds, etc.Suitable carpet cleaner rim, in both models, for deep cleaning along skirting boards. The nozzle and flexible hose allow quick,
easy cleaning of high and difficult to reach areas.

BSW 375 Lavor Pro
It is a battery operator carpet sweeper. The new cordless power sweeper by LAVOR offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom, but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore! Broom is as ergonomic and comfortable to use as a
vacuum cleaner, but without messy cords that encumber your movements, to offer you the maximum freedom in whatever area of the house, from the kitchen to the garage, as well as on the balcony or entrance pathway. It is perfect for home environments but also
for your own business such as: coffee bars, bakeries, craftsman laboratories, small supermarkets or shops.

Charis-santoemma walk behind carpet cleaning machine and it is a self-contained machine, for cleaning middle sized carpeted areas. With Charis-ONE it is possible to clean a 40cm strip of carpet perfectly, removing the dirt form the base of carpet fibres.
The water-flow can be adjusted, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep cleaning. The Santoemma high waterlift vacuum system allows excellent removal of the dirt and a very short drying time: the carpet can be dry in one hour! With only a 60 decibel sound level, it is possible to work without disturbing other people.

For more details about carpet cleaning machines, talk to our professionals @ www.eurotek-me.com

The reappearance of spots and stains is actually a very common occurrence when a carpet is
cleaned using a traditional shampoo and rinse method. Sometimes spots can reappear as soon
as the carpet dries. Let’s see how to deal with carpet stains that keep coming back.

There are two primary causes of carpet re-spotting
1. Wicking
2. Soiling


The most common cause of reappearing stains is something referred to as wicking. In these
cases the original stain has not only soiled the carpet fibres, it has also penetrated into the
carpet backing and underlying pad. Then as the moisture evaporates and the carpet dries, this
dirty water gradually wicks upward into the carpet fibres. If spots and stains reappear as soon
as the carpet dries, wicking is most likely to blame. Basically, wicking is caused by over-
wetting the carpet, backer and pad.


Soiling occurs when residue is left behind on the carpet fibres. If not completely rinsed and
blotted; it becomes sticky and attracts dirt and soil to the same spot, which can cause look
like the stain has returned.

Sharon-Brush – Walk behind carpet cleaning machine.

Sharon-Brush is a self-contained machine with rotating brush, designed for professional
cleaning of small areas of carpet and hard floor. A special device allows switching from
carpet to hard floor cleaning by simply turning a knob. The rotating brush with automatic
pressure adjustment is able to deep clean both very dirty carpet and hard floor. The water-
flow can be adjusted for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning.
For more details about carpet cleaning machines, talk to our professionals at www.eurotek-

Almost every office space or commercial space in the UAE is carpeted. We walk into small shops or large
corporate offices; we see the entire floor covered in carpets. It gives a very elegant feel to the
workspace if the carpet is clean, smelling fresh and well maintained. But, we often hear people complain
about foul smelling carpets, unkempt spaces and just plain difficult to clean it effectively.
Here are some helpful tips to keep your carpets clean and fresh:
The right vacuum cleaner
Having the right vacuum cleaner for the job is very important. There are wet/dry vacuum cleaners
available in the market and you have to make sure you choose the right one for the job. Wet vacuum
cleaners can be used to wash away hard stains at the same time vacuuming the carpet and dry vacuum
cleaners can be used to clean the carpet if it is dry dust, trash lying around.
Deep Clean
At some locations in the UAE, thick carpets line the floor to give the space an extra rich feel. Deep
cleaning machines are required to keep such carpets clean which may collect a large amount of dust
with increased footfalls.
Extending Carpet Life
Soil on carpets can lead to unnecessary damage to the fine fiber of your carpets. Unless you clean it
effectively using industrial cleaning machines, it can soon lead to you having to replace the carpet
entirely. This will add on to your maintenance expenditure and to avoid this, make sure you choose the
right cleaning machine.
Act Fast
In a space where there are increasing number of foot falls – like a retail store, dirt, grime and other dust
can gather quicker than you clean it. Sometimes, people may accidentally drag in dirt which may not be
able to clean off easily unless you act fast. Hence, such places may need cleaning more number of times
during the day. Consistent cleaning will help reduce permanent damage to your perfect flooring.
Dry Faster
Because of the dry air in the Middle East, using a wet vacuum cleaner helps maintain a luster to your
carpet as water gets absorbed fast leaving it clean and fresh. However, if the room is damp and filled
with moisture, you can be sure it will start smelling bad in no time at all.
Clean carpets set the tone for a pleasant work environment and to know more, talk to our experts at
Eurotek today.

Are you wondering what are the best cleaning machines for keeping your hospital floor neat and tidy? A hospital floor is a breeding ground for infectious disease and can pose as a serious infection hazard. Because you are unaware of this, hospital staff, patients and visitors may end up falling ill all the time!

Dangerous Pathogens

Most hospitals in UAE are mandated by the Government to make sure their surroundings are kept clean and there is zero tolerance level by the DHA in case of cleanliness guidelines and requirements. However, hospitals are always the breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens and keeping the floors and surroundings clean requires the right cleaning chemicals and cleaning machines. Eurotek is perhaps the most sought after Cleaning Products Company in UAE that most hospitals prefer as there are no other company in UAE with the range of cleaning products that Eurotek has today!

To help prevent dangerous pathogens from spreading in a hospital, you will need some serious and reliable floor cleaning machines for hospitals.

Floor Sweepers

A floor sweeper is perhaps the first cleaning product you need to look for. This can reach almost all places in your hospital and sweep off dirt and since it is easy to maneuver, it makes cleaning jobs very easy!

Floor Scrubbers

When you need something more than a floor sweeper, that does dust control while scrubbing and vacuuming the floor, you need a solid floor scrubber. This is perhaps the right machine list for ensuring your hospital floors are kept infection free.


All industrial grade vacuum cleaners are designed to make sure potentially hazardous elements are removed effectively. You can check out the list of industrial grade vacuum cleaners available at Eurotek here.

If your hospital has not yet selected the right cleaning product suppliers yet, talk to one of our experts today for more information!

You may have many different options to choose from when it comes to industrial cleaning. But choosing professional pressure washing is one of the best of these options.For removing even the toughest, oldest and most set-in stains from a wide variety of materials Pressure washing is highly effective.
You can quickly discover that pressure washing has many excellent benefits when it is done correctly with professional tools.
Get Rid of Bacteria
It may surprise you to learn while you consider pressure washing only to get rid of dust, dirt and grime; it can also get rid of harmful bacteria that can cling to industrial materials without you knowing it. While surfaces may look harmless it can actually be filled with harmful germs that can even rot items with regular exposure and create breathing problems and other issues.Pressure washing keeps you and everyone who comes into contact with the materials in question safe.
Treat Multiple Materials
Another benefit of pressure washing is the fact that this practice can work on a wide range of surfaces, from concrete products to vinyl, tile, wood and so on. Through one method you will be able to treat different surfaces saving time, money and effort, resulting in added convenience.
Refresh Your Materials
Pressure washing; as the name suggests applies a lot of pressure cleaning away the dust and grime and refresh older looking materials. Industrial materials that are still perfectly good and functional but looking worn can be refreshed and help them look just as good as they did when they were new by pressure washing.
Save Money
It all comes to saving money. Lucky for us pressure washing is one of the most affordable methods for thorough cleaning of industrial materials apart from themselves being quite low-priced upfront. You may be surprised to find out that pressure washing doesn’t require a large investment on usage or maintenance.

For those who are involved in industrial sector, pressure washing is a wonderful option. If you are interested to learn more about this cleaning method, see it in action or may be even taking a purchase for your own needs and use, then contact us, Eurotek. We can help you to find the perfect product to match your needs your purposes and your budget.

Just like every other business out there, the commercial cleaning sector has also gone through a significant transformation – all thanks to the new cleaning methods and equipment. This also makes it necessary that the janitorial and commercial cleaning companies adhere to the evolving cleaning trends so that they can offer their clients with the state-of-the-art cleaning services and stay abreast of their competitors. Let’s look at some top commercial cleaning trends

Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning is something that has been adopted by many leading commercial cleaning companies and has become the most popular trend of 2017. This is a trend that would continue to see a rapid rise given the current climatic conditions of our planet and people becoming more knowledgeable about eco-friendly practices. Established companies started providing green cleaning to their clients and made it a cleaning industry standard for the cleaning industry. Considering this and the convenience and affordability of green products and services, today almost every cleaning company market themselves as a green cleaning service provider.
Innovative Technologies
Use of technology in a commercial cleaning service program has proven to improve the efficiency and quality of cleaning tasks. As today’s generation is more tech-savvy, it has become obligatory for the commercial cleaning companies to comply with the demand for new technology. The affordability and availability high-tech cleaning equipment, work rate software, e.t.c. have made it easy for the commercial cleaning companies to implement them in their cleaning services and to offer their clients with advanced cleaning solutions.
Customized Services
Gone are the days when cleaning companies used to provide services according to their established cleaning programs instead they have now levelled up their services by integrating tailored cleaning services in their cleaning packages. Leading commercial cleaning companies are using this aspect as a benchmark for their brand as clients get great benefits with unique cleaning solutions for their building facilities.
Advanced Employee Training
To keep pace with the new technology, upgraded equipment, and customized services, commercial cleaning companies have started to train their employees in accordance with such demands. As the cleaning industry is getting more and more competitive, more and more priority is being given to customer satisfaction. And as rigorously trained employees will cater as per the new cleaning standards, clients will be benefitted with effective, top-quality and economical commercial cleaning services.
Thus, these were some top commercial cleaning trends you should look out for in 2018.

Providing a neat, clean and sanitised environment reflects on the overall reputation and image of a hotel. Management has to maintain an industry standard housekeeping workflow to ensure a pleasant environment. In order to ensure a clean environment for guests, the right housekeeping cleaning equipment and proper procedure is crucial.

A correct procedure can include the following:

  1. The first step should be ensuring a proper arrangement of accommodation cleaning equipment – vacuum cleaner, steam vapour cleaning machine, brushes and microfibers are key. Note that a mop and bucket isn’t mentioned. In the 21st century, the 3000-year-old mop and the bucket are no longer a sufficient cleaning method.
  2. Ensure all furniture, fixtures and fittings are cleared from your cleaning path so you don’t overlook key areas. It will also make your cleaning workflow fast and efficient.
  3. Sanitise bed sheets and mattresses with steam vapour to kill bed bugs and bacteria.
  4. Room surfaces must be cleaned the appropriate way. There are various types of surfaces: the floor of tiles, sinks, walls etc. In most instances, floors should be cleaned in neat, long laps going across the floor. Other surfaces such as walls or bathrooms should be cleaned in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, going from the top to the bottom. This will prevent cross-contamination and ensures no surfaces are overlooked.
  5. In a bathroom, the toilet should always be cleaned last. The cleaner can then back out of the bathroom by cleaning the floors.
  6. Don’t forget to clean waste baskets and bins in EVERY room. They should change on a daily basis.
  7. Air quality is another key issue. Regular cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioning systems and related fixtures is a must to avoid bad smells.
  8. No smell is a good smell when it comes to cleanliness. Try not to mask smells by using overpowering air fresheners. If using steam vapour, this should deep clean and deodorise all surfaces.

To learn more about commercial cleaning equipment visit us at Www.Eurotek-me.com



As a facility manager, asset preservation is high on your list of priorities. You’re also responsible for hiring the companies that will care for the building assets, such as heating and air conditioning contractors and janitorial companies. When repairs are required, it’s your job to see that they’re done in a timely and cost-effective manner. You assess damage, determining if it’s done by the tenant or normal wear and tear.

All of these duties relate directly to the preservation of the commercial building and its assets. Some of those assets include the hard surface flooring, carpeting and woodwork. The assets within the building have a life expectancy, but are you ensuring that they’re meeting their anticipated life span? Here are some tips that will contribute to your building’s asset preservation, saving time and money in the long run.

Asset Preservation: Carpet

Carpeting is a big investment, particularly if you’ve got a lot of square footage to cover. There are many different grades of carpet available at many different price points, but regardless of the choice you make, it’s a big expenditure. It’s in your best interest to make the carpet last as long as possible, so you don’t have to drop a lot of cash replacing it earlier than you anticipated.

Asset Preservation: Hard Floor Surfaces

Hard floors can last for many years when they’re cared for properly. If you don’t maintain them properly, it will cost a bundle to replace, especially if it’s high end flooring such as granite or marble.

Asset Preservation: Windows

Maintaining your building’s window goes beyond appearance. Of course, you want them to look clean, but you also want them to last for years to come. Failure to properly clean the tracks, seals, and frames can result in degeneration, which might result in costly repairs and an increase in your energy bills. In addition, if your landscape company allows sprinklers to spray windows regularly, you can end up with hard water stains that eventually pit the windows, which no amount of cleaning can fix.

Your windows are visible to anyone walking past your building; it’s important that you make a positive impression on passers-by as well as people who come inside.

Preserving Additional Assets

Your windows and floors might be the top of your asset preservation list, but they’re not where it ends. Consider the following:

Wood Surfaces — From baseboards to built-ins, your wood surfaces should be carefully cared for; a qualified, well-trained janitorial service will not just keep them dust-free, but also maintain their natural beauty with the proper cleaners, preventing cracking and damage.

Upholstery — Your furniture and draperies should be regularly deep-cleaned to eliminate the need to replace them frequently; in addition to standard wear-and-tear, there are some pieces that get more use than others.

Stone and Marble Surfaces — If your building has stone or marble surfaces, you need a service that understands the unique methods that will preserve and protect your surfaces for years to come.

Stainless Steel Surfaces— Stainless steel requires very particular handling, and your janitorial service should understand the proper way to clean it. Stainless steel sinks, refrigerators, drinking fountains, and elevators can be damaged when cleaners don’t use techniques that are specific to the material to get the job done. Certain cleaning supplies might scratch or permanently dull the finish, shortening the lifespan of the item; additionally, failure to properly clean sinks or drinking fountains can result in hard water deposits.

It is vital that you preserve your investment by partnering with a janitorial service that will not just keep it clean, but also help you create a schedule for more intensive maintenance that will put you on the path of proper asset preservation.


As you start growing your business you will require dedicated tools and equipment. Consider the following points in selecting the right equipment and tools as you are getting started:

  1. Buy commercial grade equipment since the investment will always be worth it.  Although a regular vacuum cleaner may look similar to a commercial one, the professional grade unit will last longer due to having a larger motor, better housing, longer cord and other features not needed in a unit purchased for occasional home use.
  2. Look for efficiency and effectiveness in the equipment you purchase.  A back pack vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time in a large contract but may not be practical for small sites or routes.  Fit the tool or piece of equipment to the job whenever possible.
  3. Use microfiber in not only cloths but also flat mops which can be pre-soaked eliminating the need for hauling a bucket in and out of the building and can oftentimes double as a dust mop and damp mop in all but the heavy soiled areas which will require sweeping first. Choosing the best microfiber flat mops system for the job has become a science within itself.
  4. Purchase sufficient quantities of mop heads to allow you to use the mop once and then put aside to laundry. Seldom is it wise to try to rinse it out unless you are using one of the commercial grade double bucket systems with the butterfly mop handles. Those may be more appropriate in larger accounts but not for a route.
  5. Rent or borrow infrequently used equipment such as floor machines, pressure washers, auto scrubs, window cleaning kits, etc. until your business volume demands that you purchase a unit.  Nothing can be more frustrating than purchasing a complex machine such as a gasoline powered pressure washer and watch it slowly deteriorate due to lack of use.

Remember the advice, KEEP IT SIMPLE and don’t purchase equipment until you have a business case for doing so. Your comments and questions are important.  We hope to hear from you. Contact as at Www.eurotek-me.com



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Cleanliness is essential for a healthy life. Awareness of the Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene isimportant because of the diseases like Denguefever, swineflu,malaria; chicken box and jaundice are fast spreading. People should..

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Accessories: The Tools You Need

Prolonging the life of our carpet is as simple as following some important suggestions. Here we have some tools to keep our carpet healthy and looking great for many years. Elite..

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The reappearance of spots and stains is actually a very common occurrence when a carpet is cleaned using a traditional shampoo and rinse method. Sometimes spots can reappear as soon..

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Cleaner Carpets Means a Better Working Environment

Almost every office space or commercial space in the UAE is carpeted. We walk into small shops or large corporate offices; we see the entire floor covered in carpets. It..

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