Key factors to consider when selecting Cleaning equipment
November 26, 2018

Cleaning equipment can reduce your hardship in cleaning. But you should give extra care while selecting the cleaning equipment. The below checklist contains some tips that will help you to select proper cleaning equipment that meets your requirements.

At first, you have to list out your cleaning needs like space available, type of cleaning required, time suitable for cleaning, number of cleaning staff you can afford etc. After making a list you can contact an available cleaning equipment manufacturer. The things you have to consider while approaching a manufacturer is listed out below.


You should approach a manufacturer having following certifications. Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVlS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, ClMS Green Building.


Ask the company about their experience in the cleaning field. You can even check the credibility of the company by contacting their other clients.


Check about their products and usage. It will help you to decide whether this company meets your requirements. Don’t forget to read about the review of their products. This will help you to analyze the quality of the product.

Technical Support

This is important. You have to ensure that the company can give technical support at any time. Along with that check availability of programs to train your staff regarding usage of new equipment’s.


You have to choose products that have at least 1-year warranty. This will helps you to buy products with a long life

Are you still confused with selecting a product from manufacture? Well in the below list we had listed some important things to consider while selecting an equipment.

Productivity                                                                                                                              Suitability

Work performance                                                                                                                   Versatility

Ease of handling.                                                                                                                     Portability

Appearance                                                                                                                             Noise level

After Sales Service                                                                                                                  Protective design

Refill Procedure                                                                                                                       Ease of storage

Regular Maintenance and care Safety                                                                                    Cost

Availability of spare parts                                                                                                        Training

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