How To Choose The Right Floor Cleaning Machine? Part 1
October 4, 2019

Cleaning of commercial spaces like malls, restaurants and so forth is constantly troublesome. It requires a great deal of time and exertion. A specialized cleaning machine can reduce your efforts make cleaning more easily. If you are someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about professional cleaning machines then this article will help you to choose the right cleaning machine that meets your necessity.

Different types of Floor Cleaners available in the market

1.Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers can be used as an alternative for traditional cleaning gears like brooms and dustbins. They are used to clean dust and debris in floors. Floor sweepers have rotating brushes to effectively sweep the dirt from the floor and deposit it into a hopper inside the sweeper.

Floor sweepers are of different types. They are Petrol operated walk behind sweeper,Battery operated walk behind sweeper, Manual walk behind sweeper,Ride on sweeper

Ride on sweepers is the most commonly used sweepers among them. Ride on sweepers is designed to cover large areas in factories, warehouses, malls and so forth. So they have specially designed hopper to collect a large quantity of debris. Ride on sweepers can be again classified to Battery operated ride on sweepers, petrol operated ride on sweepers,

2.Scrubber Driers

Scrubber Driers are commonly used as an alternative for cleaning gears like mops and brushes. They are used to clean floors. Scrubber Driers used for commercial applications use brushes to agitate cleaning solution into the floor and scrubbing it. Residues are collected by a system of squeegees at the rear of the machine. These residues are temporarily stored inside the hoppers or containers attached to scrubbers. As a result, the floor becomes squeaky clean and dry. You can see different types of scrubbers in the market. Some of them are designed to sweep and scrub the floor at the same time. Most commonly used scrubber driers are Elite silent – Santoemma, EASY R 66BT – LAVOR PRO, Free EVO 50 B – LAVOR Pro, Comfort XS 75 Essential – LAVOR Pro, QUICK 36B – LAVOR PRO, Comfort XXS 66 – LAVOR Pro

3.Floor buffers and polishers

Another type of floor cleaners is Floor buffers and polishers. Floor buffers are commonly used in specialized floors made up of wood, marble and so forth. They are used to remove dirt and debris from the surface and to give a polish to the surface. So they are commonly used in areas like hospitals, shops, schools to sparkle the floor.

4.Vaccum cleaners

Vaccum cleaners are the most common floor cleaning machines. They are commonly used for carpet cleaning. A vacuum cleaner has an air pump and a container. High suction pumps are used to pick dirt and debris from floors. These collected waste particles are temporarily stored inside their container. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners the most commonly used vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are dedicated to removing both solid and liquid waste from the surface. Apart from Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners you can find vaccum cleaners like ARES – Wet/ Dry vacuum Cleaner, HD 18 Upright vacuum cleaner , DMX 80 1-22 – LAVORPRO, KRONOS – Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner, Whisper – LAVORpro etc

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