Michigan 1211LP - LavorRPO

The Michigan 1211LP is the BIGGEST – MOST POWERFUL 1single phase pressure washer. TOP PERFORMANCE & BUILD QUALITY. Features a linear brass pump head with 3 ceramic piston heads and built in by-pass valve. It also features the Total Stop system allowing the pump to stop automatically when the trigger gun is released, protecting the pump and ensuring longer life.



  • Power                        : 3000W
  • Pressure                     : 120/1740 (bar/Psi)
  • Flow rate                   : 660 L/Hr
  • Pump rpm                 : 1450rpm
  • Detergent tank          :  1.5L
  • Voltage                       :  220-240 / 1Ph
  • Dimension                  :  60x55x107cm.
  • Weight                        :  52 kg


4 poles elctrical motor (1450 RPM) with thermal protection and water cooling (three phase models) Threee ceramic coated pistons (1 ph), full ceramic pistons (3 ph), brass linear pump head with built-in by-pass valve Low voltage and delayed Total Stop (three phase model) Suction and delivery S/S valves Detergent built-in tank for indirecr suction (1,6 lt.) Pressure regulator Glicerine pressure gauge Accessory holder Power cable holder Ergonomic handle


66010001 PISTOLA PRO S10.pngPRO GUN S'10 3/8 '' M WITH QUICK CONNECTION PRO Gun S ' 10 3/8 '' M with quick hitch


66020044 LANCIA 900MM.png 900 MM NOZZLE WITH QUICK CONNECTION Launches 900 mm with Quick coupling 

UGELLO2.png045 NOZZLE  045 Nozzle 

Tubo.png R1 HOSE 10 M HIGH PRESSURE high-pressure Hose R1 10 m

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