Foamtec 15 - Restroom cleaning machine

Foamtec 15 – Restroom cleaning machine


Foamtec system was developed and patented by Santoemma as a revolutionary system to clean and sanitize public restrooms, by foaming, rinsing all surfaces and vacuuming, using a single machine. Foam ensures an extended chemical action on the dirt and bacteria and is therefore ideal for many places which need an heavy duty action.

The cleaning and sanitizing process is carried out through four stages:
1. Foam spraying on al the surfaces (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers, panes)
2. Foam chemical action against dirt and bacteria,
3. Rinsing with fresh water, to remove foam residual from the surfaces
4. Vacuuming of residual liquid from floor.


The 10 advantages of Foamtec system 

Santoemma patented Foamtec system is the best solution to the problem of cleaning and sanitizing even very dirty restrooms, with several advantages on any other cleaning system:

  1. Better cleaning and sanitising result : foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the surfaces where it has been sprayed for some minutes. The foam prolonged action assures to make the most of the cleaning effect of the product, ensuring both cleaning and sanitizing effect.
  2. Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, for a complete action in every point.
  3. The greatest hygienic safety for the worker , who does not come in contact with the surfaces and the objects to be cleaned and who does not get wet by the bouncing water, because rinsing is done with low pressure.
  4. Reduced labour for the worker : manual work is reduced to a minimum since the dirt is removed by the chemical action of foam and the mechanical action of rinsing.
  5. This system, more comfortable and hygienic, gives a greater fulfilment to the worker.
  6. Saving of time : while foam acts on the surfaces where it has already been sprayed, the worker is free to operate on other surfaces. Therefore, even a big room can be completely cleaned quickly and with no idle time.
  7. Detergent saving : the chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor.
  8. Reduced power consumption : the machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any places.
  9. Reduced water consumption : the system foam + rinse at low pressure requires a minimal quantity of water. This avoids the flood of rooms, allows a longer working autonomy and offers the immediate availability of the rooms that have been cleaned.
  10. The machine can be used also in places with no drains because it can completely vacuum the water remaining on the floor after rinsing.



Technical Data of Foamtec15
Recovery tank capacity: 15 liters
Clean water tank capacity: 15 liters
Automatic filling system: YES
Tank construction: High density polyethylene
Vacuum motor:
Maximum waterlift:
Maximum air-flow:
2 stages
1000 W
2200 mm H2O
50 l/sec.
Pump with by-pass:
Max. Pressure:
Maxi Water-flow:
1 membrane pump
90 W
9 bar
5 l/min .
Approximate performances and consumption: (room with 50 sq. meters + 10 sanitary fixtures) Time: 105 minutes
Detergent consumption: 250 grams
Water consumption: 14 litres
Defoamer consumption: max 30 grams
Chemical dilution: Pre-set around 4%
Cable length: 10 m
Weight (machine body): 50 kg
Weight ( packaged machine): 77 Kg
Dimensions: 38 x 70 x 86 cm
Package dimensions: 54 x 90 x 115 cm
Spray hose/Vacuum hose length: 5/ 5 m
Standard colors: blue
Standard accessories supplied with the machine: Spray hose, foam/rinse gun, vacuum hose, pane wiper and fleece with extension, wet vacuum tool , tool for vacuuming while rinsing.