Ultra high speed burnishing machine FLOORIDER - U1500


Professional ultra-high-speed machine for polishing. Ideal for contract cleaners, floors fitters, public clients.

Very strong induction motor for long lifetime and great performance. Direct drive. Vacuuming the dust by a passive system thereby reducing duct impact while polishing. Brush pressure adjustment knob. Unique floating pad system (patent pending). Newest handle, ergonomy, safety and innovative, possible height regulation (patent pending) Low working height for cleaning under furniture.

Latest generation model, designed for fatigue-free operation even during long working periods. The handle of the new Ghibli Ergoline single discs is articulated, robust and safe, with a very resistant and comfortable grip where all the controls can be put into action without moving the hands from the working position. The Single Discs 17” cover almost all the needs of the professional sector in terms of cleaning, treatment and restoration of all kind of hard floors (wooden floors, marble, stone and fine stoneware).



  • Power                        : 1300W
  • Voltage                      : 220-240
  • Working width         : 505mm / 20"
  • Brush Speed             : 1500RPM
  • Weight                       : 44Kg.
  • Sound                        : 50dB


High-speed single disc machine especially suited for the maintenance cleaning of surfaces treated with metallic wax. It allows getting a degree high gloss degree and a “wet effect” in an incredible easy and fast way. Tanks to its particular driving system it can be used in straight line and fanlike action with the consequent possibility to operate in small areas and to reach points normally not accessible by a common ultra high-speed unit. Power studied to obtain, with total adherence of the disc, fast departures and a prolonged use. Electronic balancing of the rotor at full rating guarantees an operation without vibrations. Very strong induction motor for long life and great performances. Double protection against unintentional start. Safety switch with automatic motor stop as soon as the lever is released. Ergonomic and comfortable handle, in highly resistant plastic material. All controls are contained in the impact resistant handle and can be put in action without moving the hands from working position