TENSO CHLOR Multi purpose chlorine soap- Thomil

Chlorine soap

TENSO CHLOR – Bleach based soap


General purpose gel cleaner with active chlorine. Highly recommended for cleaning and sanitization of non-treated floors or as descaler-bleach for natural stone floors. Marseille soap Perfume. Highly adherent.


Powerful cleaner based on active chlorine, providing a higher cleaning

and Sanitization of non-treated floors. Thanks to its GEL format, it allows

a higher adherence on vertical surfaces and a higher contact time.




Use Instructions:

POWERFUL CLEANER: Apply on surfaces and floors. Mix 1 . caps of the

product with 10 l. of water.

HYGIENIZER BY CONTACT: Apply on surfaces and utensils. Mix 3 caps of

the product with 10 l. of water. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse.

WHITENER: Apply on floors. Mix 3 caps of the product with 10 l. of water.

Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse.

DESCALER-WHITENER: Use purely on joints. Leave it for 5 minutes and

rinse. STAIN REMOVER: Apply on washable surfaces. Use purely and

leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse. DO NEVER MIX WITH AMMONIA OR

OTHER PRODUCTS. Not suitable for the disinfection of drinking water.


Chlorinated detergent of general use, to be applied on any washable surface and on non-treated floors. Acts as a descaler-whitener in cases of floors of natural origin (marble, terrazzo, cement, etc.).


Technical Data:

* PROPERTIES: Active chlorine detergent. Deodorizing effect.



Appearance: liquid

Colour: yellow

Odour: Marseille soap

PH (20.) : 12.0 – 13.0

* COMPOSITION: Anionic and non-ionic Surfactants. Chlorinated

whitener and perfume.

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