Apollo - LAVOR Pro

APOLLO – Carpet and upholstery cleaning injection extraction machine

Silenced two stage motor. Suction with by-pass system cooling. S/s tank. Detergent pump (1x32W – 0.8 l/m-3, 5bar) Professional closing hooks. Static electric shock inhibitor. Drain hose system. 11 l. detergent tank. Shock proof trolley. Settlement ?oat valve. Cloth ?lter. 10 m power cable. Easy standing head (during ?lter cleaning). Traceless wheels. Accessories Ø 40



Recovery tank capacity: 12 liters
Solution tank capacity: 12 liters
Vacuum motor:


Maximum waterlift:

Maximum air-flow:

2 stages

1200 W

2200 mm H2O

53 l/sec.


Maximum pressure:

Maximum water-flow:

32 W

3.5 bar

0.8 l/min

Hose length: 2,5 m
Weight (machine body): 19 kg
Weight ( packaged machine): 24 kg
Dimensions: 62 x 51 x 85 cm
Package dimensions: 64 x 54 x 92 cm
Tank construction: Metal


139219509528      2.5 M FLEX HOSE   2.5 m Tube

1402390481102   KIT 35   Kit 35

1402390034833   SMALL EXTRACTION CLEANING NOZZLE   small washing extraction Nozzle

1392194045652    FOAM FILTER SET   Sponge Filter Kit

1392194065877    CLOTH FILTER   cloth Filter

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