Tips on Selecting Your Floor Cleaning Machine
September 19, 2017

No matter what industry you operate in, it’s absolutely essential to ensure that you own the kind of equipment that’ll guarantee to keep your floors in perfect condition at all times. Not only does dirty flooring lead to an unsightly, unprofessional appearance, it also has the potential to create the kind of unsanitary conditions that can lead to health and safety issues in the future. Keeping your floors looking their very best promotes a proficient, caring company image, and also ensures the safety of everyone operating the working environment.

When it comes to scrubbing commercial floors, selecting the right floor cleaning machine is half the battle. There are so many to choose from that the options can seem overwhelming, so it is worthwhile taking the time to assess your business needs to help you to make an informed choice.

Listed here are a few questions to consider, which will help you to make the right decision and get the best value from the floor cleaning equipment you invest in.

What’s The Job?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself when it comes to selecting a floor cleaning machine for your company. Take a good look at what kind of job you need to do, and what kind of surface you’re looking to clean.

Any outside jobs can get the best results through use of a scrubber drier, as these machines will enact the kind of strong force required to remove dirt from areas where it accumulates quickly. Floor sweepers can be used for most hard flooring, with alternative brush types available to sweep away different kinds of dirt. A buffing machine is ideal for any large spaces, as mopping expansive environments is not only tiring but also hugely time consuming. Pressure washers are also an effective investment for large commercial areas, and for smaller spaces it may be worth looking at purchasing a pedestrian model. Vacuum cleaners are ideal for removing dirt from carpeted floors, and remember to keep in mind that certain models can also double up as hard surface floor cleaners, with the ability to remove any wet patches or stubborn dirt.

How Long Will You Need It?

It’s important to keep in mind how many times you’ll need to use a particular cleaning machine when selecting one for your business. If you’re looking to renovate an industry space as a one-off job, then hiring a powerful cleaning equipment might be your best option. For any floors that require frequent cleaning, it may be better to buy your own equipment so that you have the right machine on hand for any time you need it.

What’s Around You?

It’s also taking account of the environment around you when selecting a particular floor cleaning machine. If you are looking to clean a public place, a smaller machine that generates less noise is the right way to go, whereas if you’re attempting to enhance the appearance of large industrial space, then a large, powerful ride-on machine is best equipped to do the job.

Still not sure? For further advice and support on choosing the very best floor cleaning machine for your industry, contact us today. Our customer representatives are ready and waiting to take your call, and will be more than happy to help with any inquiries you may have.