The Right Steps to Clean A Hotel Room
October 4, 2019

Providing a neat, clean and sanitised environment reflects on the overall reputation and image of a hotel. Management has to maintain an industry standard housekeeping workflow to ensure a pleasant environment. In order to ensure a clean environment for guests, the right housekeeping cleaning equipment and proper procedure is crucial.

A correct procedure can include the following:

  1. The first step should be ensuring a proper arrangement of accommodation cleaning equipment – vacuum cleaner, steam vapour cleaning machine, brushes and microfibers are key. Note that a mop and bucket isn’t mentioned. In the 21st century, the 3000-year-old mop and the bucket are no longer a sufficient cleaning method.
  2. Ensure all furniture, fixtures and fittings are cleared from your cleaning path so you don’t overlook key areas. It will also make your cleaning workflow fast and efficient.
  3. Sanitise bed sheets and mattresses with steam vapour to kill bed bugs and bacteria.
  4. Room surfaces must be cleaned the appropriate way. There are various types of surfaces: the floor of tiles, sinks, walls etc. In most instances, floors should be cleaned in neat, long laps going across the floor. Other surfaces such as walls or bathrooms should be cleaned in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, going from the top to the bottom. This will prevent cross-contamination and ensures no surfaces are overlooked.
  5. In a bathroom, the toilet should always be cleaned last. The cleaner can then back out of the bathroom by cleaning the floors.
  6. Don’t forget to clean waste baskets and bins in EVERY room. They should change on a daily basis.
  7. Air quality is another key issue. Regular cleaning and maintenance of air-conditioning systems and related fixtures is a must to avoid bad smells.
  8. No smell is a good smell when it comes to cleanliness. Try not to mask smells by using overpowering air fresheners. If using steam vapour, this should deep clean and deodorise all surfaces.

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