The Best Cleaning Machines for Your Hospital Floors
October 4, 2019

Are you wondering what are the best cleaning machines for keeping your hospital floor neat and tidy? A hospital floor is a breeding ground for infectious disease and can pose as a serious infection hazard. Because you are unaware of this, hospital staff, patients and visitors may end up falling ill all the time!

Dangerous Pathogens

Most hospitals in UAE are mandated by the Government to make sure their surroundings are kept clean and there is zero tolerance level by the DHA in case of cleanliness guidelines and requirements. However, hospitals are always the breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens and keeping the floors and surroundings clean requires the right cleaning chemicals and cleaning machines. Eurotek is perhaps the most sought after Cleaning Products Company in UAE that most hospitals prefer as there are no other company in UAE with the range of cleaning products that Eurotek has today!

To help prevent dangerous pathogens from spreading in a hospital, you will need some serious and reliable floor cleaning machines for hospitals.

Floor Sweepers

A floor sweeper is perhaps the first cleaning product you need to look for. This can reach almost all places in your hospital and sweep off dirt and since it is easy to maneuver, it makes cleaning jobs very easy!

Floor Scrubbers

When you need something more than a floor sweeper, that does dust control while scrubbing and vacuuming the floor, you need a solid floor scrubber. This is perhaps the right machine list for ensuring your hospital floors are kept infection free.


All industrial grade vacuum cleaners are designed to make sure potentially hazardous elements are removed effectively. You can check out the list of industrial grade vacuum cleaners available at Eurotek here.

If your hospital has not yet selected the right cleaning product suppliers yet, talk to one of our experts today for more information!