Keeping Public Spaces Clean
April 30, 2017

No matter the size of your establishment, you can be sure that one of the toughest spaces to
keep clean are the public ones. This is because you have far less control of how many people
access the lobby of your hotel, the reception area of your hospital, or the elevators that lead to
your office. The importance of keeping these spaces clean lies in the fact that first and foremost, this is often
the first impression people have about your business or company. Secondly, people associate the
levels of hygiene in these areas with the hygiene they expect in private spaces – for instance, your
hotel guests will be less than impressed if your lobby is a mess, and might decide not to risk
taking a room there after all.

Here are some simple ways to get around this thorny problem.

1. Time the cleaning well: When you run a space that serves people 24 hours a day, when do you
schedule the cleaning? Obviously you can’t disturb your patrons by asking them to step aside as
your housekeeping staff march though the place, but neither can you let the place lie as it is. This
means that you have to have a very clear sense of the foot traffic in these areas, so that you are
able to move the cleaning to the lean periods. Furthermore, certain cleaning can only be done at
night, so you need to find a cleaning crew that will be able to work with those timings.

2. Create a space that cleans itself as much as possible: For instance, have trashcans within easy
access. No matter what the system is, it should be convenient and user-friendly. If things are
accessible, chances are higher that people will use them.

3. Reduce confusion: Have clearly marked supplies in place to replenish the ones that run out,
and ensure that the infrastructure available is integrated well with the kind of foot traffic the
place receives.

4. Pay special attention to open areas: Open areas, such as pools, rooftops, patios, balconies and
entrances require a lot of attention. This is because they are open to the elements, which might
mean that the frequency of cleaning will have to revved up in these areas.

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