How Your Hospital Can Now Have The Cleanest Floors
October 4, 2019

Do you know one of the reasons that many hospitals, even till recently, used to prefer the old-fashioned mop and bucket to clean their floors? It was because it had one advantage that many commercial cleaning machines didn’t – it was almost completely silent! And silence, as we know, is very crucial in a hospital for the safety and well-being of patients.


But of course, as we know, mops and buckets do little more than spread the dirt around, and are absolutely insufficient in ensuring cleanliness. It also takes a very long time, generates a lot of waste water, and leaves dangerously slippery floors behind.


Keeping the floors of hospitals clean and pathogen-free is one of the biggest challenges for any cleaning equipment. We at Eurotek are confident that we can go above and beyond in meeting that challenge. We know that hospital floors are constantly getting contaminated with foot-traffic, dangerous virus and bacteria, and all manner of toxic waste.

This is why our cleaning machines and automatic floor scrubbers are not only highly efficient and effective, but also virtually silent, so they can be used even in the quietest of zones in a hospital. They also leave the floor dry as they clean, which makes it safe for people to walk on even immediately after.


Our carts, as well as consumables like soaps, chemicals and disinfectants all will ensure that your floors are left not only clean, but also sanitised and safe. They will also help reduce the amount of labour wasted on manual cleaning techniques, especially if your floor area is large and crowded.


In other words, working with Eurotek will mean that you not only reduce your costs, but also create a much safer and cleaner hospital space.