Hospital Cleaning Chemicals
November 29, 2016


In hospitals the standard of cleanliness can literally mean the difference between life and death. Many buildings it may be acceptable for them to look clean and tidy, however, a hospital has to go the extra mile to ensure that every surface and object is completely free of germs. This requires a large amount of time and effort on the part of the cleaning staff – especially if they aren’t using the most efficient hospital cleaning chemicals and equipment. If you are in a position where you are responsible for keeping a hospital clean, you may well be interested in the products offered by Eurotek.


The primary objectives of hospital cleanliness are two folds:


  1. To disinfect so that the threat of nosoconial infection is reduced.
  2. To create a clean and safe, attractive environment for patient, staff and visitors.


There are many different approaches to cleaning a patient room. The best way to arrive at a system that works for an organisation is to approach the question as logically as possible from the two aspects being considered: Effectiveness and Efficiency.


Choosing the Right Disinfectant for a Hospital


A well-chosen disinfectant should have the following properties.

  1. Perform effectively in hard water
  2. Be compatible with detergent/soap.
  3. Remain unaffected by the material in bucket.
  4. Should be compatible with mop, scrubbing brushes and floor.
  5. Should not be readily in activated.
  6. One should prefer bactericidal rather than bacteriostatic disinfectant.


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