Germs in your Office
July 24, 2017

Grab your hand sanitize and get ready!

We are going to reveal the places you might find germs in your office. You may not realize just how many germs can hide in a workplace environment. Your office may seem clean, but germs often hide in unexpected places in your office.

Here are a few places they tend to hide:

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are often tainted with bacteria. If the mugs don’t go through thorough wash after every use, germs pass from it to another causing trouble from person to person.

Your Desk

You might have heard a lot about this, but its true, office desks are statistically dirtier than office toilets. There are some very common reasons for an office desk to be such a dangerous places, such as; eating at the desk, wiping the keyboard or mouse with the wrong chemical or rug, and using the desk without clean hands.

We advice you wipe the desk everyday with a disinfectant wipe

The Phone

Following the desk, desk phones can become extremely harmful as well. Just like our cell phones that we may take advantage and use carelessly, office phones, turns out to have the same problems.

Office phones are the least cleaned objects in an office, even though they are excessively used. It is even worse if you are not the only one using it.

The Water Cooler

Water coolers may not be the dirtiest but it certainly is the most unnoticed, germ filled place in an office. Most aren’t even aware about water coolers getting dirty. The bitter truth is, water cooler nozzles never get cleaned. Stationary water is the perfect breeding environment for germs.

Your headphones

Sharing headphones in between colleagues is a common sight in an office, but before each use it would be wise to wipe them clean. Or simply find ones for your own use.

Hair fibres, sweat and earwax are some effective catalyst or bacteria to spread like wild fire potentially causing facial and ear rashes as well as lice.

The Conference room

Everything in a conference room tend to carry germs as they include shared computers, PowerPoint remotes, and other communal items that are likely to be harbouring germs from through out the office. It’s a good idea to wipe these items down every day. If you can’t, then wash or sanitize your hands after using them.

If you’re feeling a little paranoid, Relax. Ease your mind by remembering that it’s impossible to avoid 100% of germs. All you can do is do your best to be sanitary and healthy at work.