Professional Carpet Cleaning Accessories: The Tools You Need
October 4, 2019

Prolonging the life of our carpet is as simple as following some important suggestions. Here we have some tools to keep our carpet healthy and looking great for many years.

Elite silent SANTOEMMA
Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes,brushes and dries a stripe of 50 cm of carpet, moving forward, cleaning up to 500 sq. meters in one hour Elite-Silent is a very silent machine, since it works with 60 Decibels only. It is possible to adjust the brush and vacuum head pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water-flow can be regulated, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning.

GV ETNA-LAVOR Pro is a steam cleaner for carpets. It have stainless steel body AISI 304, Ready steam warning lamp.
The features are;

  1. Low level water lamp indicator
  2. Boiler is refilled continuously
  3. Switch for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam
  4. Device for cleaning hot water mixed with steam
  5. Drain hose system, Steam regulation
  6. Wheels suitable for use in food processing area
  7. Blower system available
  8. ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp
  9. ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp

HD 18 Up Right Vaccum cleaner
HD 18 up Right Vaccum Cleaner is highly reliable and sturdy, italian-made, high-end carpet cleaner.It is available in two sizes for cleaning large or smaller areas.The low profile and the possibility to operate it even with the handgrip completely resting on the floor allows the HD range to clean easily under low furniture, beds, etc.Suitable carpet cleaner rim, in both models, for deep cleaning along skirting boards. The nozzle and flexible hose allow quick,
easy cleaning of high and difficult to reach areas.

BSW 375 Lavor Pro
It is a battery operator carpet sweeper. The new cordless power sweeper by LAVOR offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom, but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore! Broom is as ergonomic and comfortable to use as a
vacuum cleaner, but without messy cords that encumber your movements, to offer you the maximum freedom in whatever area of the house, from the kitchen to the garage, as well as on the balcony or entrance pathway. It is perfect for home environments but also
for your own business such as: coffee bars, bakeries, craftsman laboratories, small supermarkets or shops.

Charis-santoemma walk behind carpet cleaning machine and it is a self-contained machine, for cleaning middle sized carpeted areas. With Charis-ONE it is possible to clean a 40cm strip of carpet perfectly, removing the dirt form the base of carpet fibres.
The water-flow can be adjusted, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep cleaning. The Santoemma high waterlift vacuum system allows excellent removal of the dirt and a very short drying time: the carpet can be dry in one hour! With only a 60 decibel sound level, it is possible to work without disturbing other people.

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