July 4, 2018

Ceiling tiles are difficult to clean because they are made of a fibrous material with holes in them. Clean ceiling tiles generally last longer, promote healthier air circulation and quality, and better act as a sound buffer and fire retardant. The benefits of keeping ceiling tiles clean are

Enhancing Appearances

If your office is riddled with aging, discolored ceiling tiles, people have probably noticed. From dust and grime to water leaks and UV damage, chances are that your tiles are looking worse for the wear. Providing brighter, cleaner ceiling tires will provide numerous boosts to perceived health levels and productivity.

Better Lighting Effects

The cleaner, brighter appearance of your tiles will benefit the office when it comes to light reflectivity. Sunlight will be more prominent in a treated room, producing a sunny effect that can help promote employee health and productivity.

Better Ventilation

Over time, dust particles can adhere to ceiling tiles by way of air circulation from HVAC systems. A certified cleaning service provider will remove the dust from ducts and other components for improved ventilation.

Stain Removal

Special cleaning solutions are used to remove unsightly stains without damaging the surface of your ceiling. This crucial procedure can help you avoid the cost of tile repainting or replacement.

Improved Workplace Health

The long-term buildup of dirt and grime on your ceiling tiles can also lead to health concerns for anyone inhabiting the space. Pollutants and germs can thrive in soiled, unkempt tiles, creating a host of risks for those that spend large amounts of time working below the issue. This can work in tandem with other environmental risks to bring about sick building syndrome.

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