May 1, 2018

Cleaning and maintaining your facility is just as important as the products and services you provide. Of course, when choosing a ride on sweeper, make sure to determine the specific needs of your business.  A well-maintained facility will be safer and more efficient, especially when floors are kept properly cleaned. Here are some reasons to invest in ride on sweeper.

Larger space coverage

Using a broom to clean the entire building will take hours that the cleaner could otherwise spend on other more important tasks. With a ride on sweeper, cleaning the floor can be made faster and more effortless.A ride on sweeper can cover more than 6000 squares meters per hour.


Sometimes, a regular broom couldn’t clean all the dirt and dust. With a ride on sweeper, both dust and debris can be collected in a single pass. Moreover, there are ride on sweepers that can unload the trash and debris into a container through a high dumping system.

Safety and convenience

Any form of cleaning can be exhausting. What more if a person has to sweep the floor of a huge building using a regular broom? It’s just not effective. Using a ride on sweeper, on the other hand, offers convenience to the cleaner. Because it features an air-conditioned or heated cabin, the cleaner can drive and clean the floors in comfort.

Eurotek have different types of ride on sweepers that operated with battery, petrol and manual. The sweepers are SWL 100ET-LAVOR PRO, SWL 900ET –LAVOR Pro, SWL 900 ST –LAVOR Pro and BSW 651-LAVOR PRO.

To know more about ride on sweepers, talk to our professional today at Eurotek.